Moses Kirathe

About Me

Hello! I’m Moses Kirathe, a Business and Computer Science student at the University of British Columbia. I’m passionate about software engineering, and I would like to share with you WHY. A while back while I was working as a salesman at a small electronics store in Kenya, I saw the potential for growth of the business if it had a better way to manage its books. The pen-and-paper way of recording stock was becoming cumbersome and inefficient as the shop scaled. I developed a stock management software for the store which increased efficiency and led to an increase in sales by 60%. I believe technology is not only a tool for strategic problem solving, but it is also a tool that can be used to empower businesses and individuals all over the world to achieve more.


• Full Mastercard foundation scholarship

• Skills: Java, Javascript, C++, PHP, HTML, CSS

Vancouver, Canada


Bachelor of Commerce, Business and Computer Science

UBC Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Completion: 2021

Relevant courses: Software Construction, Data Structures and Algorithms
Awards: Full Mastercard Foundation Scholarship awarded for superior academic achievement, leadership skills and community contribution
Activities: UBC Local Hack Day 2018 (Top 6), Residence Life (Residence Advisor), UBC Sustainability (Sustainability Champion)

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

St. Mary's Boys Secondary School, Nyeri, Kenya Completed: 2014

Awards: Managerial Award for overseeing the cleaning of paths and pavements in the school compound, Top Achievers Award for scoring an A average in the Kenya National Examinations


Web Developer

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC May 2018 - Present

• Increased completion speed of web related projects by 15% as compared to similar projects' completion time by incorporating Git Version Control system into workflow
• Reduced page loading time of all websites by 80% through JavaScript Compression and CSS minification
• Built over 8 websites and customized look and feel using Javascript and CSS
• Created 2 easy-to-follow guides on Git Version Control System and

Web Developer

Colermax Solutions Limited, Nairobi, Kenya May 2017 - Aug 2017

• Built a mobile app that auto-sends a text message on various events as defined by the user
• Reduced development time by over 62% by spearheading agile methodology in development

Salesman and Cashier

Abreys Electronics, Nyeri, Kenya Jan 2016 - April 2017

• Increased efficiency of bookkeeping activities by building a custom stock management software for the store
• Increased monthly sales by 85% by proposing a new sales strategy for the store and facilitating its implementation

Recent Projects

Chat Filter

UBC Local Hack Day Hackathon, Vancouver, BC Dec 2018

• Chat Filter is a Slack Bot that creates inclusive and positive spaces on Slack Channels by responding to non-inclusive and negative messages sent on the channel
• Placed top 6 on UBC Local Hack Day 2018, out of over 40 presenting projects

Applied Science Professional Programs

UBC Engineering Dean's Office , Vancouver, BC Oct 2018 - Present

• Reduced site loading time by 96% through Page compression, Javascript Compression and Javascript and CSS minification
• Upgraded and customized the website's look and feel using Javascript and CSS, as well as user flow updates, resulting in an increase in average time spent by a user by 3:36 minutes

Volunteer Activities

Software Engineer

Code the Change Foundation, Vancouver, BC Jan 2019 - Present

Code the change is a non-profit organization affecting positive social change through technology by developing free, open-source software for non-profit organizations doing valuable work in their respective communities


Canada Learning Code, Vancouver, BC May 2018 - Present

Canada learning code is a volunteer-driven organization that is working towards making technology education available to all - particularly those underrepresented in tech

• Introduced 300 learners to basic HTML, CSS and Javascript
• Introduced learners to various tools and technologies such as Scratch (game making), Mozilla Xray Goggles (HTML, CSS), and OpenProcessing (Computer Programs)


Africa Business Club, Vancouver, BC May 2018 - Present

Africa Business Club creates a platform that connects students, academics, and professionals in North America to the economic, political, and social opportunities in Africa

• Raised $35000+ in funding to support the Africa Business Forum by working with the ABC Corporate Relations portfolio

Chat Filter

Chat Filter is a Slack Bot that detects negative and non-inclusive speech in Slack Workspaces, and alerts the user that the message could have been more appropriately worded.
Chat Filter was a result of 12 hours of teamwork, research, learning and relearning, and seeking help from mentors at the Local Hack Day Hackathon 2018 at the University of British Columbia.
Our project placed top 6 amongst over 50 presenting projects.
More on Chat Filter and Local Hack Day 2018

Applied Science Professional Programs

I worked on the Applied Science Professional Programs website, which promotes UBC Professional Masters Degrees program in the Faculty of Applied Science, University of British Columbia.
While working on this website, I:
• Increased the average time spent by a user by 3.6 minutes (72% increase), by suggesting and facilitating the implementation of new user flow updates on the website
• Upgraded the website's look and feel into a modern, corporate look and feel
• Reduced site loading time by 96% through page compression, JavaScript minification and CSS minification

Translink Nav App

  • March, 2018

Built a translink navigation app that displays all stops within a 3 kilometer radius, as well as the bus routes, arrival times, and departure times.
A user may also click on a bus stop to display all stops within the bus' route.
This information is passed on from Translink's API, parsed, and displayed to the user in a visual and appealing way, all in real time.

Superfly Stock Management Software

  • March, 2017 - April, 2017

While working as a sales representative at Superfly Electronics Store, I realized the need for such a business to have a dependable way to manage its stocks and accounts. The traditional pen-and-paper way of record keeping was becoming cumbersome and inefficient as the shop scaled.
I forwarded a proposal to my employer, asking to develop a stock management software for the store. After receiving the green light, I evaluated the software requirements, learned how to develop desktop and mobile applications using the programming language Java. I then designed, built and implemented the stock management software for the store.
This increased our monthly sales by 60%, and greatly increased the efficiency of book keeping activities of the store.

Technology & Tools


  • May, 2016 - Aug, 2016

“What would I do right now in case of an emergency?” An obvious answer is to call an emergency number like 911, after which someone will quickly answer and help will arrive soon. Unfortunately, this is not always the case across Africa.
For example, in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, there are over 50 different numbers for emergency services. What do you do or who do you call in case of an emergency?
To tackle this problem I built an android mobile application that displays the nearest medical facilities, and allows the user to call the nearest ambulance from the application. In addition, Afriemerge enables a user learn basic first aid skills, which could potentially save a life in case of a medical emergency.
Here is a BBC news article about Flare, a mobile app that is trying to solve the same problem but using a different approach, which I thought was a very interesting approach

Technology & Tools

Expression Log

Built expression log, a platform where young African authors can share their thoughts and reach a wider audience of interested readers.